Planning Your Destination Wedding in The Caribbean | Rincon Puerto Rico

We have Caribbean Destination Wedding Planners who can do everything for you or we are happy to help you plan and execute your dream Caribbean Destination Wedding in Rincon on your own.  Contact Us to Be Connected with Your Rincon Wedding Planner.

Planning a wedding in Puerto Rico may seem like a lot of work, but there are wedding planners and services that can help.  But before you hire a destination wedding planner you should have some answers to these questions:


How many people are you planning to have at your wedding?

This does not have to be an exact figure at this point, just a ballpark figure that will determine which Puerto Rico wedding venues are suitable for your wedding.

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Do you want a beach wedding?

Rincon is famous for its beach weddings, but an organized wedding planner is the key to a successful beach wedding.  Rentals, location and timing will all play a part to make your Caribbean beach wedding a day to remember.


What is your wedding budget?

Destination weddings can usually be easier on the budget because fewer guests are invited, but where you hold your wedding and reception will be the biggest determinating factor on your budget. Rincon has so many different wedding venues, wedding caterers and wedding services that almost any reasonable budget can be realized, it all depends on what is important to you on your wedding day.


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