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Zumba in Rincon | Rincon Wedding Planner

There are  Zumba classes around town and around your Rincon Wedding Venue.  One Zumba class is held at Hotel Villa Cofresi (as of this blog) Saturdays 11am to Noon.  Also you Rincon Wedding Planner for other locations, as around the Downtown Plaza or the Deportivo as you normally see Zumba going on there too!


Zumba is a dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s.   You can expect to sweat, laugh and have a blast in a Zumba class in Rincon!   If you have never been to Zumba check out this generic "what to expect" information about Zumba.


Worry less .. Dance More during your Rincon Vacation!!!



Animal Fund Raiser at The Pool Bar Sushi | Rincon Wedding Planner
























































Tonight, The Pool Bar will be hosting Noche de Animales (Animal Night).  Simply eat and drink and 10% of the sales will go towards ARF, supporting the welfare of animals in Rincon.


If you are in Rincon having your Rincon Wedding on Jan 28th 2013 come join us!   If your Rincon Vacation is for another date and you'd like to know what Environmental or Animal Fund Raisers are happening just contact us!


Rincon events are fun and our community is very welcoming!!  Make sure you ask your Rincon Wedding Planner what fund raisers are happening.




La Vuelta Puerto Rico Cycling | Rincon Wedding Planner































La Vuelta Puerto Rico is a 3 day 375 mile cycling adventure around the entire island of Puerto Rico.  Normally the athletes make their way through Rincon on the last day of the event, in the morning.  This year they are scheduled to ride the 413, heading North, 7am ish on Sunday Jan 27th.


If you'd like to know more about the ride and how you may work it into your Rincon Wedding, check out the La Vuelta Facebook Page


The ride is officially sanctioned by the Puerto Rico Cycling Federation, find more information on their site.  If you'd like to cheer the athletes on or participate check with your Rincon Wedding Planner for more information.


If you'd like to plan your Rincon Vacation around the event, it is normally held yearly in January!



Sports & Fitness Center | Rincon Wedding Planner

Rincon Sports Complex | Complejo Deportivo de Rincon
Rincon Sports Complex | Complejo Deportivo de Rincon

Rincon Puerto Rico offers a free Sports Complex to it's visitors and community. Consider it your free Fitness Center, for you and your guests to enjoy during your Rincon Wedding!!!


Complejo Deportivo de Rincon (translated means Rincon Sports Complex) offers the following (and don't hesitate to ask your Rincon Wedding Planner for more information and activies held at the "Deportivo":


  1. Outdoor 1/4mile Cushioned Running Track
  2. Tennis Courts
  3. Basketball Courts
  4. Batting Cages
  5. Outdoor Exercise Equipment - including bike and cross trainer
  6. Indoor Weight Lifting Room


Located on the South end of Rincon's 115. It is a large outdoor stadium looking complex, that is hard to miss. It is on the corner of the 429 and 115, on the Ocean side of the road.



Rincon's Cultural Center and El Kiosco de Libros | Rincon Wedding Planner

On the 413, close to the La Playero 115 turn
On the 413, close to the La Playero 115 turn

While planning activities for your Rincon Wedding consider visiting Rincon's Cultural Center and El Kiosco de Libros.


It is a locally self-managed collective sociocultural establishment, operating at the Cultural Center of Rincon (picture shown). Under one roof you will find a library, museum with exhibits, activities and coffee.  For when you want to give your mind some more stimulation, make sure you ask your Rincon Wedding Planner for more information!


On facebook find directions and more information on current activities at El Kiosco de Libros, and they are bilingual!   Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!



Recycle in Rincon Puerto Rico | Rincon Wedding Planner








You can recycle during your Rincon Wedding, following is helpful information or please ask your Rincon Wedding Planner to add recycling to your plans!


Our community has a website dedicated to Rincon Recycling plus sharing such information island wide.


The city of Rincon does have a recycling program and the director (el Director del Programa de Reciclaje del Municipio de Rincón) can be found on facebook.


While on your Rincon Vacation, separate your commonly recyclable items and drop them off at the Rincon Recycling Center/Obras Publicas across from the High School, close to the Downtown Rincon Plaza, behind the Amistad Park (sort of across from Econo). A map will be coming soon on Reduciendo La Huella Plastica.



The Lovely Sound of the El Coqui | Rincon Wedding Planner

Tiny with Big sound
Tiny with Big sound

No, that lovely sound you hear in the evening during your Rincon Wedding is not a bird but a frog! It is the El Coqui frog, mostly heard after a little rain during your Rincon Vacation.  If you'd like to know more please ask your Rincon Wedding Planner.


From Welcome to PR: "The coquí has been a cultural symbol of Puerto Rican history for centuries. Since the time of our native Taino inhabitants and its presence shown on many stone engravings to the present and all the places and objects you will find this symbol represented. It has become a national symbol and an icon for anything Puerto Rican. When Puerto Ricans want to express their nationality, they say: "Soy de aquí como el coquí" (I'm as Puerto Rican as a coquí)"



Transportation Options | Rincon Wedding Planner

What will be your choice of transportation while planning your Rincon Wedding?


Rental Car, Taxi, Bike or Walk are all options from your Rincon Wedding Planner.


Everyone is different so consider fitness levels and Contact Us if you need more information on Rincon Bike Rentals or Walking in Rincon!


Rental Cars include the big named companies as well as local Rincon Rental Car Companies.

A Rincon taxi service will drive you around town or on a sightseeing tour, as well as take you to and from any of our Puerto Rican airports.  For pricing and detailed information contact these Rincon Taxi & Car Rental Companies directly.




Puerto Rican Street Food | Rincon Wedding Planner

Pinchos y Tostones
Pinchos y Tostones

During your Rincon Wedding stay you'll see street vendors and fruit stands all around Rincon. We think trying these stands is a fun way to experience Puerto Rico so ask your Rincon Wedding Planner to recommend the ones they like best!!!   These stands make the perfect snack stop!


Most street vendor signs self explanatory but there are a few signs that might have you wondering what they are

  • Pinchos - kabobs commonly made with pork, fish or chicken and a special marinade
  • Tostones - twice-fried green plantains
  • Empanadas - "fried meat pie" ; folded dough or bread around a stuffing of a vegetables, chicken, pork or fish
  • Pastelillo - similar to an empanada, except the doug is thin and flaky

Buen Provecho!!!



Christmas Wedding in the Caribbean | Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding Planner

Dining Area at Rincon's Copa Llena
Dining Area at Rincon's Copa Llena








The holidays are the some of the busiest and most beautiful weeks in Rincon!  It is a wonderful time of year with lots of activities and dining options for your Rincon Wedding Planning


The Rincon Tourism Association has listings of dining options and menus available during the holidays.


The Tourism Association's Rincon Events page also has information on special Christmas and New Years activities.




Samatahiti Power Yoga in Rincon | Caribbean Destination Wedding Planning

Renee Fussner Co-Owner Samatahiti
Renee Fussner Co-Owner Samatahiti

"A Yoga Place for Adrenaline Junkies in Rincon, Puerto Rico" ... Also offering Stand Up Paddleboarding and Surf Excursions for your Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding Planning!


New to Rincon, Puerto Rico is Samatahiti.  You can find them on Beach Road, near the Fisherman's Village.  Take 115 to the 429 and follow the signs.  Call first 787-431-0221 or email samatahiti@gmail.com


They offer regularly scheduled Yoga classes including:

  • Yoga 4 surfers
  • Hard Core Yoga
  • Sunset Paddle Parties
  • Full Moon Yoga
  • H20m



Moving to Rincon Puerto Rico | Caribbean Wedding Planning

Rincon is "The Town of Beautiful Sunsets"
Rincon is "The Town of Beautiful Sunsets"

Many come to a Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding and then decide to move here.  There are many things about this Beachside Caribbean Country Surf Town that make it appealing, such as

  • a large Americano population in Rincon
  • US Territory Status
  • Friendly and neighborly Puerto Rican locals
  • Surf
  • Tourism
  • Caribbean Weather .. and of course
  • The Affordable Prices of Real Estate

If after Planning Your Rincon Wedding, you are thinking about exploring options for buying real estate in Rincon, shot us an email, we will happlily point you to Rincon Realtors and give you any information we have.



Yearly Oxen Parade in December | Rincon Wedding Planner

If you will be having your Caribbean Wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico during December of any year, look for the Caravana Yuntas de Bueyes.  


This is a full morning of activites around the tradiction of the beautiful Oxen that have been such a big part of the Puerto Rican culture and life.  The above flyer is for the 2012 event but the event should continue yearly!


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Cape Air Caribbean Airports Include Rincon Area | Rincon Caribbean Wedding Planning

Cape Air Also Flys From The East Coast
Cape Air Also Flys From The East Coast

Cape Air is an option for getting to your Rincon Puerto Rico Caribbean Destination Wedding


San Juan Puerto Rico / SJU Airport is a major hub so once you get there you can take a Cape Air flight to Mayaquez Puerto Rico.  Rincon is normally a nice 40 minute drive from Mayaquez.    


So, if you don't fly into Aguadilla BQN Airport consider Cape Air.   We think it bets driving the 2.5hrs from San Juan and it definately gives you a beautiful aerial view of Puerto Rico!


You can also do some Caribbean Island Hoping for your Rincon Wedding Planning Activities



Mountain Biking in Rincon | Rincon Wedding Planner & Venues

The beauty of your Rincon Vacation is you can find so much to do when Planning Your Rincon Wedding. These trails (picture shown) are perfect for Mountain Biking in Rincon Puerto Rico.


Contact Albert at Rincon Bike Rentals 787-967-7575 to rent bikes.


The trails are going to be a fun challenge with beautiful views. Just head to Rincon's lighthouse (aka El Faro). There is plenty of public parking and often a food and drink vendor set up in the El Faro parking lot. Directly across the street from parking is open land with many little trails leading to more tails. Go with a friend - enjoy Rincon!



Breakfast with a View | Rincon Wedding Planner & Venue

Amazing View of Rincon | Great Food & People
Amazing View of Rincon | Great Food & People

La Rosa Inglesa | The English Rose sits atop of Puntas with amazing view of Tres Palmas and Rincon's Beauty!  It is a not-to-be-missed experience.  Ask your Rincon Wedding Planner about reserving as a Rincon Wedding Venue


Food is delicious!  The staff is lovely!  And the View of Rincon Puerto Rico's Beauty doesn't get better!


A couple menu items to stir your appetite

  • Dead Elvis (V), French toast served with caramelized bananas, Saigon cinnamon & syrup
  • Eggs Ruby Murry (V), Freshly baked croissant with sautéed baby spinach, poached eggs & mild curry hollandaise
  • HRH Burger, Homemade sausage patty, chorizo, egg cooked over easy, provolone cheese, cherry tomato confit, lettuce and chipotle mayo in a sesame seed bun. Served with potato stix

For directions and hours please visit the English Rose or call 787-823-4032



Rincon Nightclub Lounge | Puerto Rico Weddings

Upper Level of Sole Beach Club in Rincon
Upper Level of Sole Beach Club in Rincon





















Step into the upper level of Rincon's Sole Beach Club and you will think you are in a Miami Beach club.  What used to be Puesta del Sol, sitting on top of Maria's Beach with an amazing view, is now Sole Beach Club.  It is a must visit during your time at your Rincon Wedding or possibly a Rincon Wedding Venue location


The lower level of Sole offers an open air casual bar with the economical and delicious rum punches Rincon is so famous for.


The upper level of Sole offers air condiction, DJ booth and white leather seatings.  Make sure you dress up a bit for this upper level  


Check their Sole facebook page or call them 787.823.7653 to learn about their unique events such as Sunday Reagee downstairs or Weekday Jazz upstairs



Thai Food with a View | Caribbean Wedding Planner Rincon

We are going to start putting some Rincon Restaurants in our Blog for a while - Starting with Ode to the Elephants Thai Restaurant.


"Ode" offers Thai food with an amazing view and uniquely tasty and specialty Martinis (ask Clay for his recommendation!!!) A full serving dish starts at just $11. There are definitely options for any vegetarians in your group .. including tofu!


Finding Ode is a bit of a challenge but they have put signs up to help. Give them a call 939.697.8033 or visit their website for help and a map. If you are going to call, we recommend you do it the day before because their hours change depending upon the time of year. Ode is close to Pools Sushi Bar & Tamboo at Sandy Beach area in Puntas. Ask for directions, we are all friendly here!!! Buen Provecho!!!



Rincon Sea Glass Jewelry | Caribbean Wedding Planning

If you are looking for Classic and Beautiful Rincon Sea Glass Jewelry - Oceano Sea Glass is it! Purchase on line or at The Lazy Parrot Gift Shop in Rincon, Puerto Rico


From Christine: The combination of Caribbean sunshine, endless sea and an arts education from School of Visual Arts, New York, along with metalsmith training at Revere Academy in San Francisco allow me to imbue my jewelry with a natural feel while maintaining a modern sensibility. All of my sea glass is ocean found. Each piece is honored with meticulous craftmanship at my studio on "La Isla del Encanto". Oceano jewelry is made one at a time, by hand, for you. Every piece of genuine sea glass carries with it centuries of legend and lore, conveying the pure love and good fortune that is the heart of the tropical spirit.



La Copa Llena Beachfront Dinning | Rincon Wedding Planner Activities

La Copa Llena Beachfront Dinning in Puerto Rico
La Copa Llena Beachfront Dinning in Puerto Rico

La Copa Llena / The Full Cup is one of the newest restaurants in Rincon Puerto Rico. It is the perfect Beachfront Dinning spot to enjoy during your Rincon Wedding - ask your Planner!


A guests review ... Easy parking, then enter and ask for Lauren or Brendan if you wish. If not, walk past large bar/open area to delight your eyes with the outdoor dining area nestled among coconut palms and trees that present you the sandy beach and the gently rolling waves. If it is at sunset, beware you are bewithched by this dreamy setting. I think they plan to hang hammocks ! The food is exquisite, and the coffee!


Contact Information: 787-823-0896

Black Eagle Marina | Bo. Ensenada, Rincon 00677, Puerto Rico



Boot Camp | Rincon Wedding Planning Activities

Rincon Beach Body Boot Camp
Rincon Beach Body Boot Camp

When you are ready to get a little exercise during with your Caribbean Wedding Party | Planner Activities - Rincon Beach Body Boot Camp has you covered.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can just drop in at Sandy Beach for a class.   8:30am & 5pm - $10 cash - bring a towel and some water and enjoy!    


If you need directions visit their website www.RinconBeachBodyBootCamp.com or give them a call or text anytime 732-272-3383 & 787-340-8319


Email rinconbeachbodybootcamp@gmail.com



Concierge Services | Rincon Puerto Rico Caribbean Destination Wedding Planning & Planners

We have (and will continue to) complied a lot of Activities in Rincon Puerto Rico in our Blogs. But if you and your Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding Planner prefer to use a Concierge Service to plan and schedule your activities Rincon has that too.


Rincon Vacations operates year round and 7 days a week. You can reach them at 787-632-2889 and ask them to plan just a few or all of your Rincon Puerto Rico Activities! Disfrutar / Enjoy !



Capital Water Sports Rentals | Rincon Puerto Rico Caribbean Wedding Destination Activities & Planning

Capital Water Sports Rentals is a great place to spend a day for your whole Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding guests and party. They are open Daily & Year Round, located at the Public Beach / Balnerio in Rincon - Telephone: 787-823-2789


They offer .......

  • Rides on the Banana Boat
  • Skis & Boards & Boats Avaialble for Rental
  • Charters: Diving, Fishing, Water Ski, Desecheo & Mona Island Trips, Sunset & Moonlight Cruises.
  • Rentals: Kayaks, Sunfish Sailboats, Surfboards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Body Boards, Water Skis, Scuba & Snorkel Gear, Fishing Rods, Beach Chairs & Umbrellas, Floats, Life Vests, Bicycles & Skateboards
  • Lessons:Surf, Snorkel, Sail, Water Ski, Swim & Skate.
  • Beach Boutique: Bikinis, Swim Wear, Logo T-Shirts, Shorts, Towels, Island Jewelry & more.



Parasail | Rincon Puerto Rico Caribbean Wedding Destination Activities & Planning

Season is normally Dec to May only! Tel. 787 -823 -2359

Fly above and get beautiful views - This is a popular activity for Rincon Puerto Rico Wedding Planning!

Then Flying Fish Parasail is open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm. Reservations are suggested but walk ups are welcome. The boat leaves, from the Rincon Marina, on the hour so please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled flight time.


Single Flights $75 Tandem Flights $140

Triple $210 - Observer $20 - Photo pkg $27

Space Available for up to 12 passengers.

Group discount for groups of 6 or more fliers.

Observers are welcome to ride along, ask about that!



Scuba in Rincon | Puerto Rico Destination Weddings in the Caribbean

Taino Divers is open year round taking trips to Desecheo Island and offers Scuba for those in your Rincon Puerto Rico Caribbean Wedding that desire some Sea time!


In their words "The Katmandu and the MV Taina are USCG certified, outfitted with the latest navigation instruments and ready for action. Safety equipment life rafts, comfort amenities, and sea life identification charts, all help to ensure a wonderful experience."


Give them a call 787-823-6429 - and arrange a Sea Day!

They are located in The Rincon Marina.



Rincon Area Golf Courses | Planning Your Caribbean Wedding

View from Aguadilla's Public Golf Course
View from Aguadilla's Public Golf Course

Here are some golfing options for Planning Your Caribbean Wedding in Rincon Puerto Rico.  The closest Public Golf Course (at the time of this writing) to Rincon Puerto Rico is Aguadilla's Punta Boriquen Golf Course. It's less than an hour drive from Rincon and current special (contact to confirm still in effect) is $40 for two people with a cart all day Tuesdays. If you flew into the BQN airport you drove right past this golf course. This course was a favorite of President Eisenhower built around 1940. Set atop a cliff side promontory, this par 72 course offers a sweeping view of the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.


Two other course options are

  1. Club Deportivo has 18 holes, par 71, Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, practice areas and putting and "Hole 19" which offers services Bar, Breakfast & Lunch.
  2. Hilton Ponce has 27 holes, two holes that overlook the Caribbean Sea, 16 manmade lakes, numerous species of wildlife, and stunning mountain and ocean views



Rincon's Newest Wedding Destination- A Wedding at Sea!

puerto rico destination wedding

Rincon has a great new place to exchange your wedding vows, aboard the Katarina Sail boat!  An ideal setting for a small group of up to 15 guests, the Katarina offers an experience like no other.   Their unique and romantic wedding package allows the bride and groom to welcome an intimate group of friends and family on a 32’ foot catamaran where they can exchange vows with the utmost privacy and the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean sea and sunset.  Visit their website for more information and come see why Rincon is the best Caribbean wedding destination!


Yoga & Pilates Studio Rincon Puerto Rico | Activities for Your Caribbean Wedding Planning

La Paz Yoga & Pilates Studio Rincon Puerto Rico
La Paz Yoga & Pilates Studio Rincon Puerto Rico


Taking our blogs back to activities for you and your Caribbean Wedding Planning, we start with the only (at the time of this writing) indoor yoga & pilates studio in Rincon Puerto Rico - La Paz!


La Paz is air condictioned, clean, modern and offers a beautiful indoor yoga experience. They provide mat, water, towels and of course peace!  Contact La Paz directly as their class schedules and hours change throughout the year - 787-823-2885.


La Paz is on the bottom floor of the same building as The Cube Co-Work space, we blogged about previously. It is located on the 115 - a few building down from La Playera Surf Shop.


Old & New Environmental League of Rincon Puerto Rico | Caribbean Weddings

One of Rincon's Beautiful Beaches Being Protected
One of Rincon's Beautiful Beaches Being Protected

In October of 2012, a new group - based off a historic Rincon group - grew from one community gathering to show support for and to protect Rincon's prestine beaches. These are the same beaches you and your Rincon Wedding Party & Guests will enjoy while in Puerto Rico. If you'd like to participate during Rincon vacation please do, they'd love to have you!


The Liga Ecológica, was once a very active group of environmentalists who focused on keeping Rincon and Puerto Rico clean and keeping intrusive development projects away from protected wildlife habitats. The new aim, as of October 2012, is to revive this League and work towards a new League that will serve to keep the community aware of such projects and do our part to protect the beach and all of the wildlife in this area and it's surroundings.


Please give them your support, and stay in touch with the development of this organization by visiting them on Facebook - Nueva Liga Ecológica



Rincon Sailing | Fun Activity For Your Caribbean Wedding Party & Guests

Rincon Sailing Boats
Rincon Sailing Boats

Another fun activity for everyone in your Rincon Puerto Rico  Wedding Party is Sailing.  Rincon Sailing offers classes at the Marina on a regular basis. The Rincon Marina has normally calm waters and beautiful seas. There are a few restaurants at the Marina so you can enjoy lunch or dinner after your sailing!


Contact Rincon Sailing directly to schedule your time on the water. Kids are their specialty, so make sure you bring the whole party.